Saturday, November 21, 2009

Earthlink VS Mozilla Firefox

Well, I'm sure the myriad followers of this blog have noticed my lack of posts recently.  I was having trouble with the enter key.  It wouldn't work when I went to compose.  I would have to either put in my pictures and type the journalling and then go to Norm's office to edit it into a readable format.  That has been a huge hassle but that's how I did the last couple of entries.  The other thig was to do nothing until I could get my computer wizard guy out here to look at it.  That's what I did.  He found out that the Earthlink browser couldn't support something about the Blogger code but when I use Mozilla it works fine!  So there ya go.  Good bye Earthlink...Hello Mozilla.  Oh and.............  wait for it....wait for it... waiiiiiiit....Tomorrow I'm getting Hughesnet satelite internet.  No more little hampster on a wheel making the interent work.  Stay tuned for deatails.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

5 dresses in 3 1/2 days

Well I said I would update you on the progress of the dresses.  Kids are so unpredictable!  I purchased a lot more fabric than I thought I would use but within those fabrics I chose one specific fabric for each girlie.  I was very excited about the horse fabric I chose for Asher (5).  She is a horse crazy girl and I had been looking a long time for something cute.  I was tickled when I found some great little fabric at Joann's.  Then I chose blue with red strawberries for Eden (almost 2) and some cute pink and brown with flowers and polka dots for Micah (7).  When I showed them the fabric, Asher was less than pleased by the horses; she wanted the strawberries.  Micah grabbed the horse fabric right away and Eden was unconcerned.  I just wanted them to like whatever it was they got so we went with their choices of course. 

This is Micah.  You can't really see in this picture but there is a contrasting band along the bottom.  After this picture was taken I added a row of 3 black buttons down the front.

Asher's dress didn't have contrasting fabric so I added the ric rac.  Don't you love ric rac?  I do.  It's so happy.  And of course the buttons are crooked.  Ack!

This little cutie is Eden.  She LOVED her dress.  She wore it the first 2 days but that night at supper she got spagetti sauce oni t so her mom put in in the laundry basket.  The next morning she hauled it out and wanted to wear it again.  She was insistant so Dusti sponged it off the best she could and she wore it another day.  She has a yellow flower button on hers.

These are the coordinating dresses I made for the two older girls.  Micah's flower button is pink, Asher's is green.  Micah's dress gave me fits this time around.  You would think after having already made 3 identical dress patterns it would be a breeze but that was NOT the case.  Anyhow they turned out cute and the girls love them.  They both thanked me many times and asked me if when I got home I was going to make them more!  Little do they know Dusti and I picked out the cutest Christmas fabric with penguins on it.  Shhhh...don't tell.

Tyler sewed a few things for Dusti when they were dating and has since showed an interest in sewing.  He has made a couple of things for the girls and himself.  He showed me an old pitiful sewing machine someone gave him and I felt so bad for him that Norm and I got him a little inexpensive machine from Joann's.  The new machine cost about what it would cost to get the old one reapaired.  You'd think he'd died and gone to heaven.  I got him statred right away cutting out another dress for Eden.  We didn't get it done and so I brought it home to finish.  I'm sure he'll have great fun with it.  I'll keep you posted.  By the way that's my faithful, 30 year old machine in the background.  What a gal.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

In Stitches

I enjoy sewing.  I don't LOVE it but I do enjoy it.  My sewing machine is thirty years old and has served me well.  There was a time in my life when I sewed a lot.  In high school I made most of my own clothes.  After I got married and had kids I sewed for both of them but mainly Cody-Anne.  I even sewed a prom dress.  I liked sewing for her when she was little cause the dresses were so cute and small.  They didn't take days and days to finish.  I enjoy craft sewing too; tea cozies, purses and bags, dolls, blankets and the like.  

When I was up in Canada recently at my sister Carolynne's we did a sewing project  i think you'll enjoy.  I was frustrated when packing because I had no way to keep my jewelry from getting all tangled up.  i proposed to Carolynne that we  make roll up travel bags for jewelry.  After unsuccessfully trying to find a pattern we came up with our own.  After a bit of trial and error this is what we made.

Carolynne had this gorgeous golden ribbon we used as a closure.  

  Fabric yo-yo's, ribbon and vintage buttons added the finishing touches.

I have no idea why this picture is sideways ....This is the flap we made to keep the jewelry from rubbing on each other when rolled.  Above the rickrack are pockets on each side.  I used a button and ribbon for a closure.

All my precious jewels tied in place!  
The ends tuck into a folded over area which formed a pocket.

We put a zipper in that part and I use it for bracelets.

So now I'm moving on to another sweet project.  I've bought some fabric to sew dresses for my grandgirlies!  Joanne's was having a great sale and I got all this fabric at half price.  Such a deal.  How could I resist?  

Today I sewed most of the day.

Micah was very interested in all the details and asked a lot of questions.  She asked me to teach her to sew when she turns 10.  I told her she had a deal!  Stay tuned for more pictures in the next few days.