Friday, December 11, 2009


One of the most anticipated seasons of the year for me, is pomegranate season.  I don't remember when I was introduced to them but I remember my mom knowing that I loved them and buying them for me as a treat.  In Canada they are expensive.  I was excited when I moved to California and could get them quite cheaply.  When we lived in Solvang there were places where they grew them and I could get one fresh off the tree.  Nothing prepared me, however, for the pleasure I received from my son Tyler.  Remember the dresses I made for the grandgirlies?  Well on that trip Ty said he had a surprise for me.  I had shared my love of this delectable fruit with my kids over the years so he knew I would be excited.  He produced a box and said, "Look at these, mom."  In that box were the biggest pomegranates I have ever seem.  Boulders, I tell ya, boulders.  They were huge!!!  Tyler is a letter carrier with the USPS and on his route he came to a house with several boxes of these on the porch.  He commented on them to the man in the yard and the guy gave him about 15 of them!  Several of them were so big that when I held them in the palms of both hands my fingers didn't touch!  And juicy...?!  Man oh man.  THE. BEST. EVER.  Eden and I shared one every morning. 

I have the method of eating them down to a science.  I can cut one open and cut away the segments with very little loss of juice or flying seeds.  A sharp knife and a big towel to cover your lap is the key.

Well then the artist in me took over and so Tyler and I did a photo shoot with them (before I ate them all.)

This is my favorite.  I think Ty has a good eye.

And this one... wish it was bigger. Cool though.
So it's been awile since I posted.  I'm gonna do better. Promise!

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