Saturday, November 21, 2009

Earthlink VS Mozilla Firefox

Well, I'm sure the myriad followers of this blog have noticed my lack of posts recently.  I was having trouble with the enter key.  It wouldn't work when I went to compose.  I would have to either put in my pictures and type the journalling and then go to Norm's office to edit it into a readable format.  That has been a huge hassle but that's how I did the last couple of entries.  The other thig was to do nothing until I could get my computer wizard guy out here to look at it.  That's what I did.  He found out that the Earthlink browser couldn't support something about the Blogger code but when I use Mozilla it works fine!  So there ya go.  Good bye Earthlink...Hello Mozilla.  Oh and.............  wait for it....wait for it... waiiiiiiit....Tomorrow I'm getting Hughesnet satelite internet.  No more little hampster on a wheel making the interent work.  Stay tuned for deatails.

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  1. Sylvia this your blog of the |olympics has just been GREAT!!! I have smiled right along with you as your days unfolded and again i was glad your special dream came on to bigger and better things! Wellllll what COULD be better than hugging a Mountie!!! You go girl and thanks for your memories...sissy.OX