Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blackberry Patch

When I was in high school I lived in Vancouver, BC.  I lived about 2 miles from school and I got a ride to school every morning but I had to walk home.  Once I got off the sidewalk on Kerr and began the walk along Marine Drive I entered blackberry country.  In the fall was when they were ripe and I would eat my way along the last 1/2 mile or so home.  Years later when we lived in Grass Valley , specifically at Wolf Mountain, there were so many blackberry bushes, just like home.  There was even an area called Blackberry Pass. Our house was in a different, drier part of camp and we didn't have blackberries there. 

Now, here in Sonoma county, I have my own personal blackberry patch.  It's huge and has the biggest and best blackberries ever!  The thing is, though... I don't really like blackberries!  Maybe those years of blackberry picking in high school burned me out, I dunno.  I'll go out a and pick a few handfuls every so often and even make a cobbler or crisp but I don't like them in pancakes or jam or jelly.  So I don't pick buckets and freeze them and I curse at them for taking over EVERYTHING more than I really enjoy their fruit.  They are nice photography subjects though and I do claim bragging rights for the best berries on camp.  They gotta be good for SOMETHING, right?
Green fruit before ripening.  I love their brown fuzzy skirts.
A bit fuzzy.  Sorry.

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