Sunday, October 7, 2012

And I thought they loved me.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving.  My niece Kirstin and my daughter in law Dusti organized a big Thanksgiving lunch at Kirstin's house.  They called it a Cousins Thanksgiving but were kind enough to invite us aunties too.  Dusti created an Event on FB and then everyone commented about whether they were attending and other stuff about what they were bringing for food ect.  I wasn't able to go and although I was sad to miss it I 'm excited that they all get to see one another as they all get along so well. Ty and Dusti and kids drove up from Washington, Cody-Anne and Penny from Vancouver, several from the neighboring towns.  Soooo, there was much discussion about what everyone was going to bring; some like cooking others not - the merits of pumpkin pie vs other pies, and the like.  Amongst the discussion I wrote "Please don't anyone make huckleberry pie cause if I'm not there to eat it, it'll just kill me if you do."  
So what does Kirstin post on Facebook Sat. evening?  THIS abomination!!

Betrayed by the mother of my grandchildren and my own sister!  Look at them.  Freaking gleeful!!  I guess I can't be too upset though.  They are at least thinking of me.  So have at it, family.  Stuff your faces.  Eat it up.  All of it.  And think of me while you do.  I'm there in my heart.  

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