Saturday, October 6, 2012

Won't You Take Me To Funky Town

Today was Super Saturday at the hardware store.  It's all hands on deck-no parking-long lines-everyone eating popcorn-free employee lunch craziness.  I spent most of the day out on the Patio but came into the store about 3 pm to finish my shift.  Looked up and who was standing in front of me but - 
Peter Krause from Parenthood!  

Apparently he lives in my town.  It was my second time waiting on him.  The first time I didn't acknowledge I knew who he was.  He mentioned his son's name and said he loved coming into the store.  When a customer uses a credit card the register prints the name of the customer on the bottom of the receipt so I took a peek at it to confirm in my mind it really was Peter Krause.  

Sometime after that I watched the Season Premier where Christina finds out she has cancer.  One of the side stories is that Crosby (Adam's brother) discovers that Adam (Peter Krause's character) schedules sex with his wife - Christina - on his smart phone.  They call it Funky Town.  Today when he came in the conversation went like this-

Peter:  One thing about coming in on Super Saturday you end up buying more stuff than         you came in for.
Me: Yes.  No doubt.  I love your show by the way.
Peter: Thank you.  We are very proud of it.
Me: Huge, huge fan.  My friends told me if I saw you again to mention Funky Town but I decided against it.
Peter: - blushing to his roots - then laughing - Thanks so much, Sylvia.
Me:  See you later.

Then I smiled and giggled to myself for the rest of my shift.  LOL

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