Monday, January 9, 2017

This Old Girl

I love her so much.  She has served me faithfully for over 37 years!  I have had her longer than I've had my children!  She has been with me through thick and thin.  She has let me down occasionally but I never held it against her for long.  Most of the time it was my fault because I neglected her something fierce.  Norm bought her for me in the summer of 1980 in Chino, California.  She was $100.  We had to make payments because we were so poor.

Every time we moved, and we've moved a lot, I carried her in the trunk of my car along with several other precious things I never allowed to go onto a moving truck.

As her name implies she created a lot of Magic.  She helped me de-stress, relax and be creative.  I made leather chaps, prom dresses, little boys overalls, pajama pants, dresses, skirts and tops, buckaroo shirts and more craft items and stuffed lambs than you could ever imagine. Both of my kids learned to sew on her.  She helped Ty make a pair of pajama pants for his girlfriend who is now his wife.  She instilled in him a love for sewing and now he has his own sewing machine.

I made my first 10 or 15 quilts on her and even quilted a few of them.  Quilting is what drove me to purchase a new machine because this old gal doesn't have some of the features I wanted.  I will never get rid of her permanently.  She is always there, waiting and hoping that I'll use her again.  And I will.  I promise.  Thanks, Magic. I will always love you.

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